This blog is about amateur astronomy.

I hope I can share my experience with other amateur astronomers.

I’ve been doing amateur astronomy for almost 30 years, with up and down in this passion. I am back on the up side!

The challenge I have now is that I live in a quite light-polluted area: the silicon valley … I’ll try to share how I find ways to keep doing  my hobby, astronomy with light polluted skies.

I had my first (2.5 inch) refractor when I was 12 year old.

I built a 6 inch dobsonian scope at 14 – living in France at this time. I bought the mirror from Coulter optical in california – got it by mail order in the 80’s. I wrote a letter to order the mirror and  my English was so bad at this time I still wonder how the Coulter optical guys got it and how the order went through !

I am fairly new in Astrophotography (started in 2008)  – I found Astrophotography fun and more affordable compared to 10/15 years ago.  I am not a multimillionaire and cannot afford high end telescopes. I try to use best bang for the buck scopes, and enjoy it …

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