5th of June 2012 Venus Transit

The next Venus transit will be in December 2117… I took these pictures with my Coronado 90mm H-Alpha telescope in June 2012. You can get more information on this historical Venus 2012 transit on the Nasa web site.

Below is a picture of the first contact on the 5th of June 2012, at 3:07 PM PDT at San Bruno CA. The disk of Venus can be guessed in the mid-section.

20120605-Venus-First Contact -Crop2-15-06-47-1to400

A non-processed movie of the entry of Venus can be see below. It shows the first minute of the entry of the disc in front of the Sun.


The next picture was taken at 3:22 PM PDT. The Venus’ disk is clearly visible at this time. There is a large solar filament on the top of the image.

20120605-Venus- 15-22-28-from 1to400 crop

Later at 5:59PM PDT Venus is making its progression on the Solar disc. Solar spots can be seen on the left side of the Venus’ disc.

20120605-Venus- 17-58-37-600to1000


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