Heart Nebula with SV 90RT

Date:  12/5/2011

Location: San Bruno, California – Transparency 2/6 – Seeing 3/10

Telescope: Stellarvue 90mm Triplet with Flat field corrector

Camera: CCD Camera Qhy9 at 1×1 binning with Astronomik 12nm H-Alpha filter

This image  is a detail of the Heart nebula (IC 1805)  with my 90mm Stellarvue Triplet. I had to crop the image at the bottom of the frame, having some frosting issue with my CCD camera …

This is a composite image based on 20 images of 6min – totaling 2h of exposure.

The heart nebula is a great target for astrophotography, whether it is for wide field (picture I took in new mexico with 200mm tele) or a longer focal length such as below.

At 600mm of focal length (with the stellarvue 90mm), the nebula reveals complex details between the darker dusk lanes and bright parts of the emission nebula.

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