Jupiter close to opposition

I  took a couple of pictures when Jupiter was pretty close to opposition – here are some of these,

All pictures where shot from my observing site at San Bruno, CA.

Date: 10/30/2011

I used my usual set up for this set of pictures. Seeing was above average, almost as good as on the 10/23/2011.

Processing was done using registax v6, photoshop cs4, and Astra image wavelet filter.

Date: 10/31/2011 at 7.11AM UTC

I used for this picture an athmospheric dispersion corrector, commercialized by Astro Electronic in Germany. I have been experimenting with this for a couple of months, and I concluded it significantly reduce the athmospheric dispersion for objects by or below 60 degree of altitude.

The effect is visible not only in the blue channel, but also in the luminance channel, enhancing the contrast of it.  One of the main advantage is to be able to use a luminance channel  even when the object is low in the horizon (below 50 degree).

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