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Jupiter and Europa

Date: 10/23/2011
Location: San Bruno, CA

Seeing was definitely above average this night.

The pictures below were  taken with a 11″ Celestron EdgeHD, a 2.5x Barlow, and an imaging source DMK black and white camera.

Processing: Registax v6, astra image wavelet filter, photoshop cs4

This night not only the seeing was pretty good, but  I could also enjoy a red spot transit. I was so busy taking snapshots this night I did not get a chance to observe Jupiter visually.

Last week ‘s seeing has been pretty good too.  I can remember a great night last week where I clearly saw the disk or each of the four main Jovian satellite. I was visually able to compare at 600x magnification their relative disk sizes, and elusively saw some Albedo feature on Ganymede’s disk (optical illusion?).

This picture below is one of the best LRGB shot I was able to get this night. This is a composite picture of about 2,500 individual frames (1,000 for luminance, and 500 for each color channel).

The pictures below have been taken using the baader IR Pro 742nm filter.
Infrared imaging not only capture different features of Jupiter’s disk (methane absorbs IR wavelength),
but also minimizes the effect of bad seeing when imaging.
Images below are a composite of about 700 frames each.

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