M51 and its surrounding with my Orion Maksutov-Newton 190mm

Date: 4/30/2011
Orion Mak-newton 190mm
Qhy8 with CLS-CCD filter
San bruno CA – seeing 3/10, transparency 3/6
16 exposures of 300 sec (1h20 total)

Processing:  Maxim DL5, Noise Ninja, Sharpener Pro

April-May is galaxy time for astrophotographers…

I was able to use my Orion Maksutov Newton 190mm for a couple of Galaxy shots (I’ll post more soon), and use this telescope as much as it deserves…  My new takahashi mount moves this telescope like a breeze, compared to my former orion atlas mount.

With this telescope fast F/D ratio (f/d 5.2) and medium focal (1000mm), the Qhy 8 camera (or equivalent) and its sensor resolution (7.8 microns) is an excellent choice for imaging. In addition, the fast f/d ratio is quite useful for deep sky imaging in light polluted environment to optimize the image signal noise ratio in relatively short exposures (1h20 total for this picture … yes it is a relatively short exposure for deep space imaging in my heavily light polluted site).

Even though the scope obstruction of this model is slightly lower than the new models, it did not show  too much vignetting with an APS-C size Chip. The advantage of Mak newton design shows here  – without any field flattener the stars are fairly round till the edge (certainly rounder than with a schmidt-cassegrain design without a field flattener…).

On the full frame picture, we can see above M51 the Galaxy IC 4263 (Mag 15,3), and NGC5198 (Mag 12,7).

When zooming on the Full frame picture, once can see (probably with the help of the Map) various galaxies such as IC 4278 (Mag 17.4), LEDA 2292656 (Mag 18.6), and LEDA 2294282 (Mag 18.7).

Cropped picture

Full frame picture (click 2 times to see the full frame…)

 Map of the area

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