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Saturn (near 2011 opposition) in the Infrared

Date: 04/01/2011

Location: San Bruno, California

Seeing 5/10, Transparency 3/6

These pictures were taken with my new EdgeHD 1100 (11″), a DMK back and white camera, and an infrared pass filter (Astronomik Pro Planet 742).

This infrared pass filter (transmits wavelength above 742 nanometers)  not only highlight different features on the Saturn disk, but also greatly reduce the effect of bad seeing and atmospheric dispersion.

This pictures were shot 2 days before the opposition and one can notice the “Seeliger effect”, the apparent augmentation of ring’s brightness compared to Saturn’s disk at or near opposition.

Exposure time was about 6 minutes – with about 1/2 sec. for each frame.



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