Jupiter – November 2010

Seeing condition was pretty good (Alpo seeing 6/10)  when I took this picture with my 7″ Orion Maksutov Cassegrain.

I spent 30min collimating the telescope before shooting Jupiter. I used a quality eyepiece at x350 to get pretty symmetric diffraction rings on a 2nd magnitude star.  It was I think time well spent.

This is the first time I collimated this telescope since I bought it – the scope  keeps collimation pretty well – but still it was time to tweak it.

And it paid off  – seeing was pretty good and with better collimation the telescope really showed its potential.

I am still very surprised by what this small telescope is capable of !

Image processing:

– Registax v5
– Photoshop CS4
– Astra Image wavelet plug in

  1. #1 by Sonu on January 8, 2013 - 9:46 am

    Nice pictures. I’ve only just staterd astronomy as a hobby, with an Orion XT10i Intelliscope. Its a Newtonian Reflector on a Dobsonian base, which I am starting to discover makes astrophotography a little difficult since it does not have motors to enable equatorial tracking. Still I am able to take some photos and use K3CCDTools to take AVI’s and Registax to stack the frames and improve the photos. They are not bad results, but your photos of Mars and Jupiter are very nice, some good detail in Mars particularly, which I understand can be a bit difficult to photograph. I too use a webcam, a Phillips SPC900NC which is a similar spec and sensitivity to your Toucam, except I think mine allows the modification for the Steve Chambers long exposure mod to be made even easier, due to a redesign of the circuit board which brings the required connections away from the chips which are so tiny it makes soldering to them difficult on the Toucam. I have yet to make the SC LX mod, but I chose this webcam because of the ease of doing it.

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