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Jupiter – November 2010

Seeing condition was pretty good (Alpo seeing 6/10)  when I took this picture with my 7″ Orion Maksutov Cassegrain.

I spent 30min collimating the telescope before shooting Jupiter. I used a quality eyepiece at x350 to get pretty symmetric diffraction rings on a 2nd magnitude star.  It was I think time well spent.

This is the first time I collimated this telescope since I bought it – the scope  keeps collimation pretty well – but still it was time to tweak it.

And it paid off  – seeing was pretty good and with better collimation the telescope really showed its potential.

I am still very surprised by what this small telescope is capable of !

Image processing:

– Registax v5
– Photoshop CS4
– Astra Image wavelet plug in

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