New Mexico Sky: Orion with Canon XTi and Astrotrac

Another post on the pictures I took during my vacation in Abiquiu, NM – to escape the light dome of the San Francisco Bay area.

Pictures taken with the Astrotrac Travel system, without autoguiding. For perfecting the North Pole alignment, I used the DSLR Logger Shareware.

The Lens I used in this post were the Canon 50mm f/d 2 – a cheap lens – but doing a nice job when in focus… And the Canon 200mm L  – a great lens for Astrophotography.

The Camera was my modified Canon XTi.  I took other pictures (see previous post) with my Qhy8 CCD camera.

Barnard’s Loop with Canon 50mm and Canon XTi

Orion was low on the horizon, even in the morning, but it was hard for me to resist taking shots of the great nebula in such a beautiful sky.

I was not able to see Barnard’s  loop with my naked eye but shooting it was fairly easy.

Pictures were taken with my modified Canon XTi and Astrotrac travel system. The modified camera certainly does an easier job in capturing the light of this faint emission nebula.

This is a combination of 6 exposures of 5 minutes.

The Great Nebulae,horse head and Flame nebulae with the Canon 200mm and Canon XTi

This is an overall picture of  the horsehead and m42 region with the Canon 200m L lens at f/d 3.5.

Even if the pictures are not perfect on the corner I found one more time the performance of the teleobjective very impressive.

Focus might have been slightly better since I have some level of elongated stars on the corner – which is I found a symptom seen when the focus is very slightly off. But having a focus with the DSLR at this high  speed focal ratio is challenging…

This is a combination of 18 exposures of 3 minutes with Dark frame, Biais, and Flat frame reduction.

Note the nebulosity below the horsehead and m42 are not light pollution but rather extensions reaching the barnard’s loop….

Disturbing at first for somebody like me who is used to take shot from light polluted sites -and who is usually dealing with gradient from the light pollution!

This is a cropped picture of M42 – even cropped the image reveals lots of details.

Notice the fine details of the Nebulosity extensions on the left between the great nebula and the running man nebula…

Last, the Horsehead and Flame Nebulae … still crop of the same picture.

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