Trifid and Lagoon Nebulae in city light

This is my first try at Wide field imaging (comparing to the focal length I usually use) in San Bruno – on 7/4/2010!  Transparency was 3/6 (magnitude 3 stars seen at best) and M8 was quite low (below 30 deg.) so imaging was a challenge! But what can be done in a highly light polluted environment with a fast optical system, the CLS CCD anti pollution filter, and digital processing still surprises me…

Mount: Astrotrack travel system

Camera: Canon XTi with Canon 200mm prime lens  f/d 2.8 teleobjective open at f/d 3.5 – at Iso 400

30 exposure of 90 seconds with Astronomik CLS CCD clip filter

I am still experimenting with the Astrotrack – and can improve tracking accuracy. Also unfortunately the 200mm Lens is somewhat out of collimation (in the process of returning it). But given the conditions I am happy with the result. Hoping to use these gears on a trip in New Mexico in September…

  1. Lagoon and Trifid Nebula: New try with Astrotrac and Canon 200mm « JC's Astronomy Blog

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