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M13 with 190mm Orion Maksutov-Newton

This shot was taken with the 190 Mak Newton at focal plane, with a QHY9 black and white Camera cooled down at -40C.

This is a composite of 10 exposures taken at 15sec, 30sec, 60sec and 6 exposures at 120 sec – when the Full moon was rising.

Note: collimation was not perfect there, and the seeing suboptimal.

Date: 5/30/2010 – Location: San Bruno CA – Seeing 2-3/10 (Alpo), Transparency 2/6, Wind 5-10mph.

Filter:  CLS CCD Astronomik.

Mount:  Orion Atlas – with Star shoot autoguider and Takahashi FS 60C guidescope.

Processing: Maxim DL5, Photoshop CS4.

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