Jupiter Opposition – 25th of August 2009

The seeing was bad  this day (3/10) but the Great Red Spot, Io’s disk and its shadow were visible.

It seems to me the seeing was better in Early August, when Jupiter was culminating early in the morning …

Location: San Bruno, CA – Telescope: Orion Maksutov Cassegrain 7″ with Atlas Mount

CCD Camera Imaging Source DKF 21AU04.AS with RGB color wheel

Picture at Focal Plane F/D 15. All pictures are processed with Registax,  Maxim DSLR, and Paintshop Pro

08/25/2009- Jupiter- 1327 frames at 23:22 PM PDT

08/25/2009- 1436fr - 23:1408/25/2009- 1385 frames - 23:30PDT08/25/2009 - 1990 frames - 23:36PDT

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