Pier and Atlas Mount

I installed (august 2009)  a brand new Pier that I can use with my two mounts (new Orion Atlas and Orion Sirius).

The new Atlas Mount (bought in July 2009)  is a must with heavier equipment I have now: Maksutov-Newton or Celestron 9.25″ SCT equipped with guide scope and camera. The overall assembly is far more stable than the mount and tripod and should lead to much better quality tracking and photography.

The pier was bought at Skyshed. I would recommend this company – it went pretty well and it was fairly easy to contact them to check from time to time how things were progressing.

I ordered two adapters / plate – one for each mount. A 45″ x 14″ hole was dug and filled with concrete and four 1/2″ J-Bolts are used to support the Pier.

The ordering took about 2-3 weeks. Below picture of the assembled pier with the Atlas mount plate adapter and Maksutov-Newton 190mm. I am very happy with the result!


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