Jupiter with Maksutov-Cassegrain 180mm – June 2009

First pictures of Jupiter taken with my new Orion Makstukov-Cassegrain 180mm (7″) – at focal plane (F/15) – on 6/28/2009 – San Bruno, California.

(Note: this were my first planetary shots – I have much better high resolution planetary images here – most are done with the 180mm Mak Cassegrain)

This one was taken at 5:43 AM PDT.


Orion Solar System Imager III – stack of 157 images – processed with Registax 5

Seeing:  Mild / Moderate turbulence – can be seen at 150x.

Here are four images taken in a one hour interval – showing Jupiter’s rotation.

The last image was taken almost in full daylight.


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