Spring sky – 2009

Some pictures taken for San Bruno, CA – highly polluted site close from the SFO airport.

Telescope: Orion 102ED, with Canon XTi Digital Rebel, and Orion auto guider.

I used a Bahtinov Mask to focus the DSLR, and an Orion Skyglow anti-pollution filter. Pictures were processed with MaxDSLR and Painshop Pro.

M13 – 5/17/2009 – Stack of 8 images – 90 sec. exposure

m104 (Sombrero Galaxy)  – 5/16/2009 – Stack of 8 images – 2.20 min exposure


m64 – Black eye’s galaxy –  5/17/2009 – Stack of 7 images  – 2.20 min exposure


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