Astrophotos with Orion 72ED Onyx – Winter 2008

I bought the Orion 72ED on the 2008 black Friday at Orion, at a bargain price.  Overall I would recommend this scope for its portability and overall quality/price ratio.

These pictures were taken without auto guiding, relying on the Mount polar alignment.  I used a Celestron focus reducer for the M31 shot. Images have to be cropped – to hide coma on the edge.

DSLR: Non modified Canon XTi Rebel. Images processed with Max DSLR and Paintshop pro.

M33 – 5  exposures of 2 minutes each – 11/29/2008  – San Bruno – Orion 72ED

Pleiades – 11/30/2008 – 7 exposures of 2 min

M42 – 12 exposures of 2 min – 11/30/2008


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