Home made solar filter using Baader Solar Film

I had for some time the Orion 102ED premium refractor – and I was not able to find any ready made solar filter in the market to fit this scope including at the Orion’s stores.

I finally decided to buy a Baader solar filter film to build a solar filter. I ordered the baader solar filter film (A4 size)  at the scope city web site.

I followed the instruction posted on the Baader planetarium web site. I was very pleased with the result – the visual observation exceeds whatever I saw with glass filters on same or larger scopes and this for one fourth of the price I paid for glass filters!! .  I had also extra film left to build filters for my guide scope and finder scope.

I bought the Visual solar film (it comes in two flavors – for visual observation and for Astrophotography). But I was able to use the visual solar film for both visual observation and astrophotography. I’ll post solar pictures I made with this setup very soon.

Here is a picture of the whole setup – the 102ED premium refractor and home made solar filter with the Baader solar film …


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